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You will be asked to fill out a survey either online or over the telephone to see if you are suitable for the study. If you qualify and are interested in participating, you will be scheduled for two clinic visits.

Read about our safety measures in response to COVID-19.
On the first visit, you will answer questions about your medical history and general health habits, have a brief physical exam, and an exercise test to see if you can tolerate moderate exercise and determine how fit you are. If you are eligible based on your test results, and would still like to participate, a computer program will assign you by chance to one of the following groups:
EXERCISE GROUP: Participants in this group will have a 45-minute bout of exercise on a stationary bike in the Fred Hutch exercise facility.
RESTING CONTROL GROUP: Participants in this group will sit for 45 minutes.
At the second visit, you will be asked to provide blood samples before and after the exercise bout or resting control period.

How will I benefit?

All study participants will receive information about their study tests results, such as measures of blood pressure, glucose level and tests of fitness. At the end of the study, every participant will receive a 30 minute long session with an exercise physiologist who will take them through a sample aerobic + resistance training workout.
Participants who give blood samples before and after the exercise bout or resting control period will receive $25.
The ACE Study is funded by the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.